Siafarikas Dairy Products

1_resizeSiafarikas company was founded in 1930. We started by gathering and processing milk from five small but well-organised farms in the villages of mount Pindos, producing butter and kasseri cheese. Since 1975, our company is based in the Prefecture of Grevena, Greece, in a thoroughly equipped production plant. Our farmers breed their flocks in the valleys of Pindos and by using the latest technology, they achieve the finest quality of goat and sheep milk. Our main products are goat cheese and feta cheese, which is distributed by the name “Feta Samarina”. Other products include manouri cheese, butter, xinotiri cheese and mizithra cheese. 80% of our products is distributed in the Greek market, while the other 20% is exported in Europe, with great success. Local and foreign consumers have valued the traditional “Feta Samarina”, choosing it instead of other products. In 2007, the Siafarikas “manouri cheese”, won a bronze medal in a Greek cheese contest.


Our Products

1. Siafarikas White Cheese
Original Greek Product
From pasteurized sheep and goat cheese

2. Siafarikas Goat Cheese
Original Greek Product
Tastes and smells like the good-old times