Our history starts from 1930, in the beginning the collection and production of cheese took place in 5 small but highly organised for the era units which were located in alpine Pindos

We are a 4th generation cheese producing industry, which produces authentic traditional products from fresh goat and sheep milk which is collected in Grevena and Kozani area.

Respecting our principles and our products the production process takes place without any procedure of fat removal from the milk since the very beginning of our course. It is a wish and a goal for us, each family that chooses our products to taste to realize at the same time this huge cultural heritage we carry over in our shoulders, the same heritage we would like to pass to the next generations.

Since 1975 our family business of cheese production “Siafarika”, is located in Grevena area, in a highly and fully equiped unit od production. The… that we work together breed their flocks in Pindo’s valleys in their state of the art units. This way the best quality of goat and sheep milh is achieved. A quality that does not only fill bellies but touches the hearts of everyone who prefer it.

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